NYC Author Q&A

November 15, 2016: Jonathan Papernick, Alice Kaltman, Anna Solomon, Shelly Oria

Incredible authors entertain with their glowing answers to our rapid-fire questions

Alice Kaltman Author
Alice Kaltman Speaking Event
Alice Kaltman Live Book Reading
Alice Kaltman Staggerwing

Alice Kaltman reads from Staggerwing and sips her #LiteraryCocktail, Staggering

Shelly Oria Author
Shelly Oria Live Reading
Shelly Oria Book Reading
Shelly Oria Book Signing

Shelly Oria reads from New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 and sips a Keeping Score.

Anna Solomon Leaving Lucy Pear
Anna Solomon Author
Anna Solomon Book Reading
Anna Solomon Book Reading

Anna Solomon reads from Leaving Lucy Pear and sips her "Pear with Me"

Jon Papernick Author
Jon Papernick Writer
Jon Papernick Book Signing
Jon Papernick Book Reading

Jon Papernick sips his #LiteraryCocktail, They Stone You, and reads from a new piece