Author Rapid Fire Q&A Panel

June 14, 2016: EJ Levy, Angela Woodward, Kate Angus, & Jonathan Lee

E.J. Levy, Angela Woodward, Kate Angus, & Jonathan Lee answer our Rapid Fire questions. Not sure who came up with the answer here, but it was definitely entertaining.

Jonathan Lee Author
Jonathan Lee Author Reading
Author Jonathan Lee Book Signing
NYC Book Signing and Cocktail Event

Jonathan Lee 

Reads from High Dive, sips his #LiteraryCocktail, signs his book for a guest, and finally gets to relax with his lovely wife.

Author Kate Angus Live Reading
Author Kate Angus Book Signing

Kate Angus

Kate offers the audience a closer look at her dynamic poetry.

Author EJ Levy
Author EJ Levy Live Reading
Author EJ Levy Book Signing

EJ Levy

EJ reads from her collection of short stories, Love, In Theory, and enjoys her #LiteraryCocktail, The Theory of Love, with friends.

Author Angela Woodward
Author Angela Woodward Live Reading
Author Angela Woodward Book Signing
NYC Author Roundtable
Angela Woodward Author Talk

Angela Woodward

Angela tries out her #LiteraryCocktail, The Fire & Ice and reads from her novel, Natural Wonders. She had time to enjoy the company of a table full of guests. What does an author think about in between reading and signing books?

Happy Guests

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New York City Book Signings

#LateNightMic reader John takes the stage.

His work is a wordsmith's flight of fantasy rich with textural and emotional details, a wonder to hear, that took us soaring across a real and imagined sky.

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