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January 13, 2016: Jacob M. Appel & Sara Lippmann

This month our authors Jacob M. Appel & Sara Lippmann read to a full house in the Lounge. We added a specialty cocktail called Stardust in honor of David Bowie—who once said his idea of perfect happiness was reading—and played a short video of images from his life. We had four wonderful readers at Late Night Mic . . . will you read next month? Photos:

Sara Lippmann Author

Sara gets a taste of a Dirty Doll, the literary cocktail based on her collection, Doll Palace. She read "Too Little, Too Late," a recently published piece from the novel she's working on, which takes a raw look at a marriage from the woman's point of view. Like many of Sara's characters, Amy begins to question the circumstances of her life. She finds "she’d been swallowed by good fortune. She acquiesced. She hardly recognized herself." Just enough humor shaved only the slightest edge off the intensity of the story. We hung on every word.

Jacob M. Appel Book Signing

Jacob signs books for fans after the reading. His short story, "La Tristesse des Hérrisons" (The Sadness of the Hedgehogs), was a crowd pleaser. It follows the trials of a young couple as they cater to the needs of their depressed hedgehog. As the woman desperately tries to compensate for a long ago loss with her quilled critter, her boyfriend obediently follows a pet psychiatrist's ridiculous guidelines, if only to please her and keep their relationship together. The story is a humorous, satirical look at the lengths we may go to to make ourselves, and each other, happy. Sometimes, love can get prickly.

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Queens College in the house! Extra credit for reading at Late Night Mic, Professor?

Late Night Mic

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