New York City Book Signing and Discussion

January 10, 2017: Susan Bruce, Irina Reyn, Wendy Lee, Noah Isenberg

Here's what happens when authors ask each other questions...

Intimate Bar Flatiron District

Mike kept our glasses full with #LiteraryCocktails

Irina Reyn Author
Irina Reyn Novelist
Irina Reyn Live Book Reading
Irina Reyn Book Signing

Irina Reyn reads from her latest novel, The Imperial Wife. The book has two protagonists: the young Catherine the Great, and Tanya, a present day Russian-American woman. 

Her cocktail, the "Empress, Me," starts with vodka (of course!), and ends on a citrusy-sweet note, as she requested. The name works as a declarative, as young Catherine knows she's destined for greatness. But it also sounds like Tanya convincing herself of her strength and her worth. There are parallels in Tanya's and Catherine's lives: though Tanya is the more reluctant "empress," Catherine has fleeting doubts at times, as well. Read and learn if both rise to their full potential of power.

Susan Bruce Body of Water
Susan Bruce Author
Susan Bruce Book Reading

Susan Bruce reads from her poetry collection, Body of Water, and sips her #LiteraryCocktail.

Susan's custom cocktail, Better Than Water, was a delicious bourbon, honey & lemon restorative, but not nearly as good as her poetry! Her work evokes the feeling of fear, and strength gained from overcoming it. Susan read during November's open mic segment. We were so enthralled with her work, we invited her to come to #YeahYouWrite as a featured reader.

Wendy Lee Author
Wendy Lee Book Reading
Wendy Lee The Art of Confidence

Wendy Lee sips an Authentic and reads from The Art of Confidence

Her book brings us into the world of art and forgeries, of artists and those who represent them, and gives us a look at the way people—artists and laymen alike—represent themselves. Her characters struggle to seek their own authenticity.

Professor Noah Isenberg
Noah Isenberg Author
Noah Isenberg Speaking Event
Live Movie The Grand Hotel

Noah Isenberg, Professor of Culture and Media at the New School

Noah introduces us to the classic film The Grand Hotel, and sips his #LiteraryCocktail, the Grand Flip, a riff on the Louisiana Flip, abundantly poured in the film. Noah wrote the introduction to the latest edition of Vicki Baum's The Grand Hotel. He'll be back at #YeahYouWrite with his new book, We'll Always Have Casablanca: The Life, Legend, and Afterlife of Hollywood's Most Beloved Movie.