Aspen Words Memoirists

February 22, 2017: Said Sayrafiezadeh, Carolyn Murnick, Dani Shapiro, & Marcia Butler

#YeahYouWrite welcomes Aspen Words Memoirists

YeahYouWrite and Aspen Words
Adrienne Brodeur Aspen Words

#YeahYouWrite & Aspen Words

Lisa & Robin were honored to welcome Adrienne Brodeur, the brilliant executive director of Aspen Words. She is an award-winning editor and published author with more than fifteen years of writing, editing and publishing experience, in books as well as magazines.

Carolyn Murnick The Hot One
Carolyn Murnick Author

Carolyn Murnick

Carolyn sips from her #LiteraryCocktail, aptly named The Hot One, a mezcal-riff on a hot toddy spiced with ginger and habanero. It shares the name of her memoir, which will be out this spring. She read the first chapter of The Hot One, bringing us the charm and humor of a pair of ten-year-old girls, then ripping out our hearts with her final sentence.

Marcia Butler Author
Marcia Butler Live Book Reading

Marcia Butler

Marcia Butler challenged the audience to count the number of musical references in the recipe for her mocktail, Rhythm & Blues. Then she read a startling account of visiting a violent boyfriend at Riker's, juxtaposed against a description of performing a challenging musical piece with a world-class orchestra. Her memoir, The Skin Above My Knee offered mountains of such contrast.

Said Sayrafiezadeh Author
Said Sayrafiezadeh Writer
Said Sayrafiezadeh Book Reading Event

Said Sayrafiezadeh

Said decided the pickled grapes in his drink, a riff on a gin martini, were disgusting. Well, we assume all three were; he only tried one. We liked his honesty, but we liked his reading from his memoir, When Skateboards Will Be Free, even more. What do you get when you combine one 6 year old, one socialist mother, and one big, grape boycott? A hilarious account of desire, denial, and Sour Grapes (the name of his #LiteraryCocktail, of course.)

Dani Shapiro Author
Dani Shapiro Book Signing
Dani Shapuro Book Reading

Dani Shapiro

Dani sips her Write, Now, a fresh and citrusy vodka drink garnished with a rosemary quill pen and a scribble of ink bitters. She read from her forthcoming memoir Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage, a touching reflection on a her marriage to M. And we were lucky enough to meet him.

Peggy Scott Writer Open Mic
John Rizzo Open Mic


Peggy Scott and John Rizzo braved the (friendly) #YeahYouWrite stage and read from their works in progress.