April 21, 2018: #YeahYouWriteMONTAUK with Téa Obreht, Susan Bruce, Matthew Quinn Martin, Céline Keating, & Alice Kaltman

#YeahYouWrite travels east to South Edison Restaurant

NYC Author Open Mic

#YeahYouWrite MONTAUK

East End authors Susan Bruce, Alice Kaltman, Céline Keating & Matthew Quinn Martin; special NYC guest Téa Obreht; and a talented cast of local authors (see below) took Montauk by literary storm this spring Saturday!

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Téa Obreht

Téa reads from her forthcoming novel. Her #LiteraryCocktail was the Easy, Tiger, designed in honor of The Tiger's Wife.

Susan Bruce Writer
Susan Bruce Poet
Susan Bruce Poetry Reading
Susan Bruce Body of Water Live Reading

Susan Bruce

Susan brings theatre to the stage when she reads her poetry. Heiress of Vodka, her #LiteraryCocktail, conveyed the essence of the title poem of her collection, Body of Water.

Matthew Quinn Martin Author
Matthew Quinn Martin Writer
Matthew Quinn Martin Night Life
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Matthew Quinn Martin

Matt reads from his upcoming novel and enjoys a Blood & Flesh, an homage to his vampire series, Night Life.

Celine Keating Author
Celine Keating Writer
Celine Keating Book Reading

Céline Keating

Céline reads from her novel in progress. Her Sweet to the End, a spiked & spicy hot Mexican Chocolate in honor of her contribution and co-editorship of On Montauk: A Literary Celebration, was a hit with her and our guests.

Alice Kaltman Wavehouse
Alice Kaltman Author
Alice Kaltman Writer

Alice Kaltman

Alice reads from Wavehouse, her YA novel set in a fictitious east end surfing town, to be released in June 2018. Her #LiteraryCocktail? In the House.


Contributors to On Montauk and one traveler from London (Evalyn Lee) shared their poetry and prose. From top to bottom row, left to right: Tom Oleszczuk, Tom, Patria Baradi Pacis, Patria, Nanci LaGarenne, Heidi Rain, Gert Murphy, Heidi, Evalyn Lee, Dave Davis, Bill Akien, Bill.

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