Authors Imani Sims and Victoria Redel

3/8/16: Imani Sims, Victoria Redel, with Evalyn Lee, Mina Samuels, George Farrell

I'll have what she's having! Imani Sims and Victoria Redel taste their custom #literarycocktails—Wonderland and Make Me Drink This, respectively—before the reading. Martha Hughes, editor of Letting Go, and her essayists Evalyn Lee, Mina Samuels, and George Farrell sipped the Let It Go. Spirits seem a good way to prepare before taking the stage. For other photos, click:

Author Imani Sims

Imani Sims

Imani's poetry reading was like a performance piece, full of drama and life. Her voice and presence were as important as the words. She even lent poetry to her custom cocktail, penning an impromptu verse the day of our event:

Low bass bourbon swings it's hips

against indigo night sky, the glow

of lunar light stills the music, egg white

silk gown ruffles against citrus saxophone

notes, the trumpet honey toned deep against

walnut rafters. Jazz creates magic served on the rocks.

Author Victoria Redel Live Reading

Victoria Redel reads "Make Me Do Things"

This title story of her collection presents the relationship between a mother and her young son with humor and dismay. Sometimes neglect has nothing to do with food or shelter, or the availability of flotation devices by the pool.

Author Evalyn Lee Live Book Reading

Evalyn Lee reads from "Throwing Out the Trash"

In a her powerfully emotional piece, Evalyn gives voice to a difficult subject.

Author Mina Samuels Live Book Reading

Mina Samuels reads from "The Wooden Spoon"

What we remember and misremember from childhood can make all the difference.

Author George P. Farrell Live Book Reading

George P. Farrell reads from "Hoarding Memories"

George likens memories to belongings forgotten in an attic. Writing for him is a form of mental housekeeping, a way of uncovering and cleaning out even the most traumatic clutter.

Author Jhon Sanchez Live Book Reading

Jhon Sanchez reads during #LateNightMic

Jhon's contribution to Letting Go is "Album for a Poem," a prose memory of his mother that reads like poetry.

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